Some Unnoticed Mobile Common Sense

2019-08-07 14:52:35
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Daily maintenance must be used:

1. Cell phone batteries should not be recharged until there is no electricity.

Usually we all have an idea that it is basically good to recharge the battery power of the mobile phone after all, because most of the rechargeable batteries we used in the past are nickel-hydrogen (NiH) batteries, and the so-called memory effect of nickel-hydrogen batteries will lead to a sharp reduction in battery life if the battery is not recharged after discharge. So we use the last drop of electricity to start charging. But now most of mobile phones and IA products use lithium batteries, and lithium batteries have no memory effect. If we wait until all the electricity is used up before recharging, it will make the chemical inside the lithium battery unable to react and reduce the life of the battery. The best way to do this is to recharge it whenever and wherever it's okay, so that your battery will be available for a long time. This is the message from the manufacturer and tested by itself.

2. When the mobile phone is charging, please don't answer the phone!!

The reason is that when the cell phone is charged, there is potential danger in answering calls. India has a 31-year-old insurance company business manager who answered the phone a dozen days ago when the phone was still connected to the charger. After a few seconds, a lot of electricity passed through the phone. The young man was thrown to the ground. When his family found out, his fingers were burned, his heart beat was weak and he had lost consciousness. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctor announced his death. Mobile phones are the most commonly used modern invention. However, we must also be alert to the danger of instrument death.

3. Don't use mobile phones when they have one cell left.

Comparing with the full receiving cell, the emission intensity is more than 1000 times different. So.................................................... People who often talk about mobile phones... Pay attention to... ^ 0 ^ Yesterday, I got a very important message from a mobile phone dealer. When you find that there is only one cell phone, you'd rather hang up or use a public phone instead. Never talk endlessly, foam flying, affection, desire or endlessness. Why? Everyone knows that the electromagnetic wave of mobile phones has always been a worrying problem. The design of mobile phones will enhance the electromagnetic wave emission intensity of mobile phones in order to maintain a good quality of communication in areas with poor reception. When the reception is full and there is only one cell left, the emission intensity is more than 1000 times different. The electromagnetic wave intensity is as high as 0. How strong is the. 6W (Watt). 0. 6W? I can't describe in detail how bad it will affect your brain, but it can be compared by two examples.

1) Turn on the loudspeaker of a small radio about 4 cm in diameter to the maximum volume and stick it to the ear. The noise energy is usually 0.25W, less than 0.5W.

2) Put your finger in front of the laser with an output intensity of 0.1W (equivalent to the energy of the optical fiber network? D trunk) and you will feel burning in a few seconds. Can you endure these two conditions for a long time?

So how do you make sure that 0.6W electromagnetic wave is right on your ear?